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Does It Work: Snackeez

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Snackeez is the all-in-one, go anywhere, snacking solution that's sweeping the nation. Now you can have your drink and your favorite snack all in one hand.

You may have seen these popping up in stores recently.

Snackeez is a cup that's more than just a cup. It holds your drink and your food.

From the bottom up it looks like nothing more than a cup. Unscrew the lid and that's about all you have. But the lid itself houses a space that stays dry where you can put food.

The space where the food goes stays separate from the liquid underneath, and in our test kept our candy dry and fresh.

Pour your beverage into the drink compartment and screw it shut, but as we discovered, be careful and don't overdo the drink part. The space taken up by your snack lid will displace the liquid if you're not careful.

If your kids are using this, make sure it's screwed on tight. A dropped cup on a hard floor can mean double the mess when you're dealing with both food and drink.

All in all, the Snackeez is a pretty neat idea. It's something to drink and something to eat all within the same cup. While it's not bulletproof, as long as you hold onto it I think you'll be ok. We'll give the Snackeez a yes on this week's Does It Work.

You can find the Snackeez locally for $10.

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