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Grade changing investigation in one Dale Co. school

(Source: WSFA 12 News) (Source: WSFA 12 News)

The Dale County superintendent Donny Bynum and other officials say there are addressing allegations of grade changing in one school.

Superintendent Bynum confirmed that the investigation into grade changing is ongoing at one school in Ozark. WSFA 12 News Reporter Rosanna Smith spoke with school officials about the investigation on Tuesday.

Officials say it all happened at the Opportunity Academy, which is the alternative school jointly run by Dale County Schools and Ozark City Schools. Mike Lenhart, Superintendent of Ozark City Schools, says it was in February of this year when they were alerted of the incident and since have taken swift action.

"I want to emphasis students were not at fault here they did not cheat this was a teacher issue," Lenhart said.

An initial investigation determined that a teacher from the school had been changing grades. Two students from Dale County Schools and five from Ozark City Schools were affected.

"We worked with the software company that we use to administer curriculum in that school," said Lenhart. "They helped us do an extensive search on all the grades that had been assigned, and the administer had gone in and administratively changed grades from a lower grade to a higher grade."

Both school systems say they are already taking measures to have those students reassessed.

"What we intend to do is we will look at the grades they got and the courses that they got those grades for," Lenhart said. "We will retest them and make sure they learn the skills they need to out of that course."

Dale County Schools and Ozark city schools have jointly run the alternative school for the past four years, and administrators hope this will not overshadow the good this program has done for the schools systems. 

"This is a very unfortunate situation but we've had far greater success in this program that we don't want it to be laid down or pushed aside," said Donny Bynum, Dale County Schools Superintendent. 

The identity of the teacher involved is not being released at this time but we are told both parties have agreed to mutually separate.

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