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Councilor wants to make it a crime to illegally enroll in Hoover schools

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A Hoover City Councilman wants to make it a crime to lie to illegally enroll students into the city school system.

"It's a problem," Gene Smith said.

The Hoover City Schools system tries each year to verify that parents or guardians are indeed living within the city limits and within the proper school district but Smith believes a number are falling through the cracks.

"I believe there are hundreds of students in the system. I've heard the number has grown as high as 600," Smith said.

Under Smith's proposed ordinance, it would cost a guilty party up to $500 and six months in jail.

"It's a criminal penalty for someone, a guardian or parent, to illegally enroll their student or children into Hoover City Schools and not live in Hoover," Smith said.

Smith does not believe this would be fair to the taxpayers of Hoover who do pay for their schools.

The crackdown is not expected to impact the ongoing rezoning debate because of the large numbers of people coming into Hoover.

Smith said his proposed ordinance was not considered because of the rezoning issue where students are being considered to be moved from one elementary school to another because of a growing population.

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