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Picasso Pets Fundraiser features four-legged artists

(Source: WBRC) (Source: WBRC)
(Source: WBRC) (Source: WBRC)
(Source: WBRC) (Source: WBRC)

Flanders and Clarine are not your normal goats. They're actually artists!

"I had thought it would be fun, and I really had no idea how much I would like the painting," said Therese Bynum, the goats' owner.

Bynum admits even she was a little skeptical at first. Who knew that two goats could help produce a masterpiece with their hooves?

"I mean the goats were just putting their little prints down, but it's turned out great," said Bynum

Granted, Clairne and Flanders had a little help along the way. They started the painting and then a human artist, Dr. Lindsey Petras who also doubles as the animals vet, came along and added the finishing touches.

Their painting along with others will be auctioned off as part of "Picasso Pets," a fundraiser that benefits Hand in Paw Animal Assisted Therapy.

Executive director Laura Cardwell says this is a huge fundraiser for the organization. She is also the owner of an four legged artist.

"She (the human artist) was like what do you like? I like the mountains. And she brought it back with the mountains! I just saw my dog's paw prints on it," said Cardwell.

As for Flanders and Clarine, they're excited to have their work on display. It's all the result of putting hoof to canvas.

"We'll see how it goes. I hope we raise all the money for hand in paw," said Bynum.

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