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Conceal and carry student group wants Univ. of Alabama to change its gun policy

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A conceal and carry student group at the University of Alabama wants the university to change its gun policy on campus.

"Our goal is very clear. I believe that students rights to self defense assuming they are permitted or within state laws do not end once they step on the campus property," Kenny Caldwell, Director of Alabama Students for Concealed Carry on Campus, said.

Caldwell started the group at the university two years ago after Senate bill 286 was signed into law making it legal to conceal and carry in the state. He would like students who have a conceal and carry permit to be allowed to carry a gun a concealed weapon on campus.

University of Alabama strictly prohibits all weapons including from students with conceal and carry.

Caldwell believes it would make students safer.

"Gun free zones do not work. It 's been proven over time. And the amount of time it takes for a mass shooter to do significant amounts of damage is faster than any of the fastest police response in the country," Caldwell said.

Caldwell's organization has about 20 members on campus and hundreds of followers on the web feel the same way. FOX6 News spoke to other students on the Capstone to get their opinion.

"I think as long as you don't have a felony charge and you're a good person and you know how to work a pistol or gun you should be able to carry your gun with you if you have the license to carry it," Wesley Grantham said.

"On campus like anything could happen and I wouldn't feel safe if someone was carrying a gun around here. Just a lot of things could go wrong with that," Tabitha Greene said.

The University of Alabama has no plans in changing its dangerous weapons and firearms policy. You can read more about that policy here:

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