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Tuscaloosa leaders consider proposal for ticket resellers

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The Tuscaloosa City Council is considering a proposal that would require more people to be licensed ticket re-sellers through the City.

Currently, city code requires the actual ticket re-seller to purchase a license through the city.

The new proposal would require the runners who work for the re-sellers to also purchase a license. Runners purchase tickets from people with the purpose of returning them to the licensed re-seller.

"It's just another safeguard that we want to put in place that maybe can help in the long run with counterfeit tickets, or people not getting a fair deal," City of Tuscaloosa Spokesperson Deidre Stalnaker said.

Licensed ticket re-sellers are required to wear their licenses.

The proposal goes before the Tuscaloosa City Council on Tuesday night. If it passes, it would be in place for this upcoming football season.

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