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Greene Co. mayor accused of stealing money from water department

Derrick Biggs. Source: WBRC video Derrick Biggs. Source: WBRC video

City leaders say the Forkland mayor can't be found after a warrant was issued for his arrest.

Forkland Water Supervisor Alonzo Thomas claims he signed the arrest warrant against Mayor Derrick Biggs on Friday after they discovered a financial shortfall more than a month ago.

Mayor Biggs is also Forkland's Water Superintendent. Thomas says he and the Water Department clerk learned one recent month's deposit was $200 short.

"When we discovered that, that led us to go back and re-check the days he worked in here and that's when we found sheets missing and the money was missing," Thomas said.

More than $6,400 is unaccounted for going back to December 2013. Now folks like Patricia Taylor want to know why and where it is.

"I can't say that he did it. But if it's happening it's not right and it's time for things to go like they should. Even though we're a small town, we're better than this," Taylor said.

Greene County Sheriff's deputies came to the town hall this morning looking for Biggs but nev

Councilman Preston Davis says he others confronted the Mayor about the missing money two to three weeks ago.

"He never admitted he took. He never admitted he didn't take it. So what he say? He said he would make it right. So we had a meeting with him and he wanted to make payment arrangements and pay it back. So that tells me right there he's got it," Davis said.

Greene County's District Attorney and the County Clerk said they can't comment on arrest warrants until they've been served.

FOX6 News called Biggs' cell phone and went to his home. His father answered the door and said he hadn't seen him since Friday when deputies arrived there trying to serve the warrant.

He admits to attending the meeting where his son agreed to repay the missing money. But he didn't know the circumstances of the missing money.

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