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Residents gather on Highway 280 to protest influx of illegal immigrants

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Protestors rallied along Highway 280 on Friday to share their opinions on the immigration crisis.

Similar rallies were held across the country.

"It's not Republican or Democrat, it's an American issue," said Deanna Frankowski.

Frankowski is part of a group called "Make them Listen." The national organization formed last October and had already planned a rally.

It just happened to coincide with the major immigration issue at hand with a lot of focus on children who are illegally entering the country from Mexico and Central America.

"You can't change the law and grant amnesty to everybody if you don't close your borders so that's what our goal is," said Frankowski.

Phillip Boyd made the 45-minute drive to Birmingham to be part of the rally.

"Let the government know that we the people have had enough. We're fed up. You know, they're not enforcing our laws. They're going against the will of the people, " said Boyd. "They're not listening."

Also among the protestors was 27-year-old Whitney Murdoch. She said she is frustrated for the thousands of immigrants who legally obtained the right to live in the U.S.

"My uncle he went through years to get his citizenship. And they're just kind of giving it away," said Murdoch.

As drivers passed by along Highway 280 honking in support, protestors said they hope their passion and concern will travel to those who form the law.

Another rally is planned for Saturday at 9 a.m. in front of the Walmart on Highway 280.

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