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Fake gas company employees try to rob homeowner at gunpoint

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) -

ToledoPolice are looking for two men who they say posed as gas company employees andthen tried to rob a man.

Theincident occurred Tuesday in the Byrne and Dorr area.

"I neverreally took it seriously that it could happen to me," said the robbery victim,who asked to remain anonymous.

The mansays he didn't think anything of it when a man came to his door Tuesday, sayinghe was from the gas company. He let the fake employee in and showed him to thebasement, but suddenly things changed.

"Therewas this big, black guy holding a gun, telling me to get on the floor," thehomeowner said.

He saysthe would-be robbers kept asking him where the safe was, but he says he doesn'teven own a safe. Eventually, the two men left empty-handed. They cut the phonecord on the way out.

ToledoPolice say these types of crimes are more frequent in the spring and summer,and say a legitimate a legitimate employee should be able to prove who they areand why they're there.

"Theywill have badges and ID cards," said TPD Sgt. Joe Heffernan. "Nobody's going toget offended if you ask for their badges and ID cards, or to see thedocumentation of why they're at the house."

Sgt.Heffernan says if you ever question who is at your door, feel free to call 911 –something the man living near Byrne and Dorr wishes he had done. Now he says he'sjust hoping police find the criminals before they do this to someone else.

"I'm justglad it's over and I'm still here and able to tell you about it," he said.

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