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Good Day Alabama for July 10, 2014

Here's what you saw on Good Day Alabama for July 10, 2014:

DR. F - Dr. Wayne Fleisig is a Psychologist with Children's Hospital. He joined us with pointers on the things we forget when raising teens.
- You need to look at their perspective
- Being a teenager is hard
- Peer pressure is a big deal
- Self-concept and defining who I am is a big deal
- They are not little kids

WHERE IS THE LOVE - Dr. Misty Smith, a Licensed Therapist, joined us to discuss wedding bliss and her tips to keep your marriage on track. She says to use humor! It is the easiest way to be together and get through all of those meaningless arguments. Be easy to forgive. Everyone makes mistakes, and you will too.  Use clean communication. Don't bring up the past. Don't call names. Learn your spouses love language - there are 5 according to Gary Chapman. And she says remember that love is a choice...not a feeling! Make a choice to not have divorce be an option. For more information, you can contact Dr. Smith at (205) 529-2731 or visit

TERRI LIVE - ART ON THE ROCKS - ("Art On The Rocks" returns to the Birmingham Museum of Art tomorrow night! This month's event features the Kopecky Family Band. The event runs from 7:00 pm - 11:00 pm.

Celebrate Japanese culture with the Museum as it welcomes the newest exhibition, Lethal Beauty: Samurai Weapons and Armor. Art On The Rocks is the perfect time to see Lethal Beauty, where you can visit the exhibition through the night for free. Learn more about Sake and how the Japanese culture celebrates with this national drink with documentaries at 8 and 8:30pm. Enjoy a Japanese fashion show inspired by Lethal Beauty. From traditional kimonos of the Geishas to today's runway looks, these Japanese-inspired fashions are sure to transport you far from Birmingham! 

The show, produced by Southern Femme, will be accompanied by traditional Japanese musicians and DJ Coco at 9pm in Oscar's Cafe. There will also be giveaways, a photobooth, and more! For tickets or more information, visit

OUR HOUSE - In Our House today, Meredith Jones joins us to discuss the difference in incandescent, LED, CFL and halogen lights.

Incandescent: only 5-10% of the electricity used becomes light. As they age, they only produce about 80% of the light they did when they were new. They are being phased out and are increasingly hard to find.

Halogen: close cousin to incandescent and the life span isn't much longer either. They don't darken when they age but get fairly hot to the touch. These bulbs cost about as much as CFL & LED's but cost more to run.

CFL: . They use much less energy than incandescent and halogen. This bulbs have a variety of looks and types of light that they emit now—not just bright white light. It still can take them a little while once they are turned on to be at their brightest but it is generally around 5 secs. These lights are best used in areas where you will leave them on for 15 minutes or longer—-they burn out sooner if you flip them on and off fairly quickly.  Biggest downside is that most still have mercury in them. To dispose of them you need to either seal them in a bag or take them to a store that will recycle them for you - like home depot or lowe's. Ecosmart brand for 2 bulbs is $5.97, GE bright from the start $10.97 for 2.

LED: This type of lighting is described as the future in lighting. They produce little heat and run on few watts—in fact the amount of light emitted is measured not in watts but in lumens. The packaging will generally give you the conversion so that you know about what amount of light it will emit. 60 watts=800 lumens. They turn on as quickly as incandescent! Cree brand bulb costs $9.97.

For more information, visit .

PET OF THE WEEK - Bob Kuykendal  from the Shelby County Humane Society introduces us to a pet that needs a new home. Her name is Milky Way. For adoptions, call (205) 669-3916 or visit

Tomorrow on Good Day Alabama
, the woman behind the popular Divergent book and movie bring us her latest book - "Four: A Divergent Collection." We talk with author Veronica Roth for the inside scoop on your favorite characters and her thoughts on the movie versus the book! Birmingham's Bargain Mom joins us with some great deals for you this weekend! Antonio Sabato, Jr. comes to FOX6 soon on a new show and he joins us live in the studio to tell us all about it! Plus we bring you your business and entertainment headlines! Join us for this and much more tomorrow on Good Day Alabama!

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