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Good Day Alabama for July 8, 2014

Here's what you saw on Good Day Alabama for July 8, 2014:

JEH JEH LIVE - Jeh Jeh joined us from Creative Minds Dance Studio off 6th Avenue in Titusville. Creative Minds has a very special guest coming to Birmingham this Sunday, July 13th. Jay-Z and Beyonces dance choreographers Les Twins are coming to put on a dance clinic for kids and adults. Muriel Tarver is the one bringing them to town and she says there will be two clinics on Sunday. The first will be 2pm for the kids at Creative Minds. The adult class will be at 6pm the YMCA Youth Center on 7th avenue and 24th Street. Tickets are $50 for the kids session and $75 for the adults session. The fee to watch is $40 for kids and $50 adults. For more information, call 205-317-6301.

BETH K - UAB Nutritionist Dr. Beth Kitchin joined us with two new reports and one conclusion on chronic diseases. Two reports this week – one, the results of a National Public Radio, Robert Wood Johnson/Harvard School of Public Health poll; the second, a study in the British medical Journal Lancet – point a big finger at chronic diseases as a major source of stress and the biggest killer of people worldwide. NPR reported that "1 in every 4 Americans said they had a great deal of stress in the previous month". The number 1 cause of stress was poor health. Disability was the biggest health stressor at 45 percent but chronic illness came in second at 36 percent. The Lancet researchers reported that non-communicable diseases now account for nearly two-thirds of deaths world-wide. What does this mean for you? Some chronic diseases include conditions like disabilities and diseases that are not preventable like type 1 diabetes. But many chronic diseases can be prevented – or at least slowed down. Most of our preventable chronic diseases can be traced back to a fairly short list of risk factors:

• Tobacco use

• Poor diet

• Physical Inactivity

• Drinking Too Much Alcohol

• Uncontrolled High Blood Pressure

• High Blood Fats

All of these either are either behaviors we can change - smokin' and drinkin' - or we can change them with behaviors - high blood pressure and high blood fats. Most of these factors are interconnected. Let's take a look at the healthy habits you can do every day that will have the biggest impact on these common killers:

• Lose 10% of your body weight. If you are overweight, losing a small amount of weight can drop blood sugar, blood pressure, and blood fats. The good news is that you don't have to get down to a textbook ideal body weight. Small weight loss can add up to big benefits.

• Walk, cycle, swim, move! Even if exercising doesn't give you big weight loss, your body often shows appreciation for your efforts. During and after exercise, blood sugar drops. Long term, the body's cells become more sensitive to insulin helping you to control your blood sugar. Exercise can also lower blood pressure and the blood fats that lead to heart disease. Most of the studies that show benefits have been done with aerobic exercise such as jogging ten to twelve miles a week (that's just a couple of miles a day!). Some studies suggest that exercise can lower "visceral" fat - the type that many researchers consider highly related to disease - without lowering body weight.

• Ditch the Empty Calories: When I work with someone on weight loss, I always go for the "low hanging fruit". One of the biggest is sweet drinks like sweet tea and regular sodas. If you drink these regularly, switching to unsweet or diet versions can have a huge impact on lowering your weight – as long as you don't "compensate" by eating more of other foods.

• Add On Potassium & Fiber: High potassium foods like fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds, milk and yogurt can help lower your blood pressure. High fiber foods – particularly those with more soluble fiber like oats and starchy beans – can help lower blood fats.

Making these changes in your life is not easy. Busy schedules and difficulty getting motivated are typical barriers. So, follow Beth's blog at for some great resources on how to live healthier and happier!

MONEY TUESDAY - Stewart Welch joined us with some pointers in Money Tuesday! On July 4, 1776, a small band of colonial leaders declared independence from the Kingdom of Great Britain. The American Revolution changed the course of world history forever and launched a nation that no other has since rivaled. In the spirit of the heroes of the American Revolution, would you be willing to consider declaring your own revolution…your Declaration of Financial Independence? Creating your declaration doesn't have to be hard and it can be more fun than going to the movies. In fact, let's use the analogy of you making a movie of your life. Up until now, your life's story is a documentary….perhaps part horror story and hopefully part fairytale. Now you have a chance to write the script for the rest of your life. Here are the key elements:

The script. Start with the "finish". In other words, begin your script with your closing scene. Maybe it's a scene where you're standing at the top of the mountain with fist raised in triumph over what originally seemed to be overwhelming odds. Why are your hands raised? The body of your script describes the story of your journey to success. If you could have it any way you wanted, what would you like the rest of your life to be like?

The main characters. Of course, you will be the star! Who else will you include in the story of your life? You'll want to include those closest to you and there may even be a villain or two - n anyone say, "mother-in-law"?. Ideally, you'll also have one or more prophets/mentors who help guide your journey through the inevitable obstacles you'll encounter along the way.

The story board. The story board is a technique whereby you use a series of pictures to depict the key scenes in the broad theme of your story. For example, your story may be a rags to riches story where the hero - you - overcome great obstacles to achieve great success illustrated by being debt free; living in the home of your dreams with your beautiful and happy family! The power of the story board is that it taps into the creative side of your brain. Google "story boarding" to get some tips on how to build a story board.

Roll film! Start living out your story. It's never too late and you're never too old. At age 65, Harland Sanders' only possessions were an old house and a beat up car and his total income consisted of a $99 Social Security check. He decided to change his life's script and make a story of his life that was worth telling. Over the years he'd developed a fried chicken recipe that his friends and neighbors seemed to like so he came up with the idea of licensing his recipe to restaurants. One thing led to another and eventually Colonel Sander's Kentucky Fried Chicken was born. And the rest, as they say, is history!

At the time, the idea of a small group of colonialists taking on the world's mightiest country would have seemed impossible. They proved anything is possible to those with vision and an unwavering commitment to never give up until they achieve success.

If you decide what you want, set in motion a plan to achieve it, and never give up until the deed is done, you, too, can create the life of your dreams! For more information, visit

RICHARD MARX - Grammy award winning singer/songwriter Richard Marx releases his eighth album, Beautiful Goodbye, today!Beautiful Goodbye is his first studio release in ten years! The first single off the album is "Whatever We Started." Fans may find Beautiful Goodbye is a bit of a departure from Marx's previous albums. According to Marx, he set out to make a deliberately sexy album. Every track on the new album also incorporates an orchestral element, and the recording of the tracks was, according to Marx, "a thrill beyond anything I've done in the studio. And singing these songs brought out what I believe are the most effortless vocals of my recording career, so far." In the last few years Marx has found time to write for other artists, most recently Keith Urban with whom he scored Urban's #1 smash "Long Hot Summer", Jennifer Nettles, Sara Bareilles and the upcoming release by Vince Gill. Across all formats, he has scored an amazing total of 14 number one singles, both as a performer and a songwriter/producer, making him a true multi-talented threat who continues to challenge himself and his fans. He holds the honor of being one of a handful of artists who have had a number one hit in each of the past four decades. He has sold over 30 million albums worldwide. For more about Beautiful Goodbye, visit

CASK & DRUM - Janice talked with Jeff Gale and Todd Coder with Cask and Drum for some big announcements today. A popular Southern rock band from Athens, Georgia, and one of the most innovative mashup artists in the world will head a diverse list of musical talent at Cask & Drum, Benefitting Magic Moments, organizers announced. Confirmed acts for the Saturday, October 11 festival include Drive-By Truckers, Girl Talk, Lucero, Drew Holcomb & The Neighbors, Houndmouth, Wild Cub, The Apache Relay, Jamestown Revival, Lee Bains III & The Glory Fires, Paul McDonald, and Kansas Bible Company. The festival site, in a beautiful green space next to Inline Electric Supply Company, in the Lakeview district of Birmingham, offers patrons a large and inviting green field, where they can toss a blanket and achieve a much greater level of comfort than the average outdoor live music event. Tickets for Cask & Drum go on sale this Friday, July 11at Noon CST via and at Inline Electric with no service fee.

GARDENING - Jimmy Rockett joins us with help for your ponds and landscape fountains. In the summer heat, they often turn green from the algae. Jimmy says that there are lots of products that will help kill the algae in your pond or fountain due to this heat; however, he says not all products are safe for the fish or birds that use the water. Jimmy recommends you always read the label and see what kind of warnings may be listed. Also, its important to know the gallons you are treating to kill the algae. At Aquatic gardens, you can call and they can give you a simple formula to measure for the gallons. Not all algae is the same. If you have green slime algae, you will need one that is labeled for that. But if you just have green water, use a different product another for that. There are also UV lighting systems that you can connect to your pond that will kill all algae as the water flows thru the pump. This saves you time rather than having to treat your water with products each week. It does have a higher up-front cost. It does make a difference how many gallons you have and the size of your pump. Following up with any of these products will help you enjoy clear water all summer long without the green. For more information, contact Jimmy Rockett at (205) 981-1151, email him at, or visit his website at

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