Karle's Korner: 15 questions you won't hear at SEC Media Days

Karle's Korner: 15 questions you won't hear at SEC Media Days

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - The following is a commentary blog from FOX6 Sports Director Rick Karle:

It's hard to believe, but we are now less than a week from SEC Football Media Days in Hoover! As you can imagine, reporters from throughout the nation are deep in thought, thinking of the tough questions that will make headlines. But I've been thinking of the questions you will NOT hear from those media dweebs. So here we go, the one question posed to Commissioner Mike Slive and the fourteen conference football coaches that reporters wish they could ask but simply don't have the backbone. Fifteen tough (or simply ill-advised) queries that will never be heard starting July 14th:

"Commissioner Slive, don't you think ESPN is getting a little too big?"

"Hey Coach Pinkel - can you remind me what city the University of Missouri is in?"

"Say Coach Stoops, how does your salary stack up with Coach Cal's?"

"Coach Bielema? Why do yo think your wife is more popular than you?"

"It's Coach Mason? When the heck did Coach Franklin leave?"

"Coach Sumlin, do you think you can get me into one of those parties with Johnny and the Biebs?"

"Uh Coach Jones… When might your program think of returning?"

"Coach Sherrill, how do you see the SEC West shaping up this fall… uh, really, it's Mullen? When did you take over?"

"Admit it Coach Freeze, that's a stage name, right?"

"Nice to talk with you Coach Spurrier - what I have always appreciated is your humbleness."

"Coach Richt, do you think you would win more games if you were more of jerk?"

"Hey Coach Miles, we know you have eaten grass, but have you ever smoked it?"

"Good talking with you Coach Muschamp, I'll tell you what: Give me a call after the season and I can hook you up with a job at the Times-Union."

"Coach Malzahn? I'm wondering if you have time for a sit-down interview- it will only take an hour.

"Hey Coach Saban, gotta second?"

No, you will never hear those questions posed by reporters next week (and for good reason). Of course the real fun begins next week, so buckle your seat belt! As always, we look forward to the week and in honesty, the SEC and it's football coaches do a great job with the media. We look forward to what Media Days bring!