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Tea Party holds rally at state capital

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -
We are a couple of days away from the Republican Senate Runoff race certification, and some tea party members and McDaniel supporters gathered at the state capitol to rally against what they call a stolen election.
Saturday afternoon, the steps and front lawn of the State capitol were filled with about 100 members of the Mississippi Tea Party for the Rally for Liberty. Chris McDaniel also made an appearance.
"There's been so much turmoil going on right now in the state with respect to the campaign and the recount and irregular votes I think it was a great idea and you can tell by the response a lot of people came out," said  Keith Plunkett, Tea Party Member.
During the rally, Chris McDaniel signs filled the air. Many of his supporters were present.

"We're upset because this election was not done honestly and we're upset because the true republicans, conservative republicans elected Chris McDaniel and we're not going to stand still and let that be taken away from him," said Shirley Marshall of Madison, MS.

Earlier this week, McDaniel asked for donations twice from his supporters. One to fund rewards for any evidence highlighting voter fraud within the runoff and the other is to fund the campaign's future legal challenge. 
"The results we feel were in fact tainted, why would a republican candidate appeal to democrats to help them beat a fellow republican," said Rev. C.L. Bryant, Senior Fellow, Freedom Works Washington D.C.

However, Thad Cochran's campaign says the allegations of cross voting are just plain false. 

Saturday's rally however was an effort to bring the party back together from what appears to be some sort of division. 

"I felt kind of ashamed, our party is known for good, moral values and doing things the right way and to see our party fall apart it's kind of sad," said Jeremiah Boddy, Tea Party Member.  

"The party got away from certain principles and it's own platforms and this past runoff election illustrates that very very clearly" said Plunkett.
We should find out by Monday if McDaniel plans to formally challenge the election. According to the Secretary of State's Office it has to be through the court of law.
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