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Good Day Alabama for July 3, 2014

Here is what you saw on Good Day Alabama for July 3, 2014:

CHIKUNGUNYA - Mike talked with Dr. Ed Khan, Medical Director of Disease Control with the Jefferson County Department of Health. They discuss the new cases of Chikungunya, what it is, how to treat it, and how to protect yourself. Chikungunya is a viral disease that is transmitted to people by mosquitoes. Symptoms usually begin 3‒7 days after being bitten by an infected mosquito. The most common symptoms are fever and severe joint pains, often in the hands and feet. Other symptoms may include headache, muscle pain, joint swelling, or rash. See your doctor if you think you or a family member might have chikungunya. Your doctor may order blood tests to look for signs of chikungunya or other similar diseases. There are no antiviral medicines to treat chikungunya but there are medicines to help reduce the fever and pain. Most patients feel better within a week but some people may develop longer-term joint pain. People at increased risk for severe disease include newborns exposed during delivery, older adults, and people with medical conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes, or heart disease. Deaths are rare. To prevent it reduce your mosquito exposure by using air conditioning or window/door screens, mosquito repellents on exposed skin, long-sleeved shirts and long pants, and permethrin-treated clothing. Be sure to empty standing water from outdoor containers. People at increased risk for severe disease should consider not traveling to areas with ongoing chikungunya outbreaks. If you are sick with chikungunya, avoiding mosquito bites will help prevent further spread of the virus For more information visit

TEAM RED, WHITE, & BLUE - Britton Lynn introduced us to Team Red, White, and Blue. It helps veterans as they transition back into civilian life. Veterans say they often feel alone, frustrationed, stressed, and even suicidal during the transition. Team Red, White, and Blue was started by veterans who know just what these vets are going through. It works to build resilience and promotes healing. They use fitness, community, friendship, teambuilding to help these veterans.

BARGAINOMICS - Judy Bates, the Bargainomics Lady, joined us with some good deals! Judy showed us the animal print maxi dress she found at Mission Possible Thrift Store for $2.98 & the black lace jacket at The Foundry Thrift Store for $1.98. That's less than $5 for the whole outfit. With code "fourth" you can take an extra 15 to 20% off regular & sale merchandise or 25% off clearance items on For example, you get an additional 15% off this $260 Martha Stewart 6-pc Comforter Set in full or queen, already sale-priced at $81.97. You'll find a lot of good deals on this week. Walgreen's has a lot of good buys this week, like Sunny Smile single roll paper towels or bath tissue 2 rolls for $1 and buy 1, get 1 free on Finest Nutrition brand vitamins and supplements. Plus today is Senior Day, which means if you're 55 or older, you get 20% off all regular price items when you present your Walgreens card at the checkout. If free is your favorite price, you'll love all these good clean read eBooks on From fiction to nonfiction, Judy found nearly 200 free eBooks and samplers on this website. If the book you see says "more info" instead of showing a price, it's a free one. That's  You'll find direct links to everything Judy talked about on the FOX-TV page of

COMEDIAN FROM BOUNCE - Bounce TV is the country's first and only broadcast television network designed for African Americans audiences. Bounce TV airs twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week on the digital signals of local television stations. Bounce TV features a programming mix of great contemporary movies, original series - like Off The Chain - live sports, documentaries, game shows and inspirational faith-based programs. Martin Luther King III and Ambassador Andrew Young are among the Founding Group and Board of Directors of Bounce TV.  Off The Chain is a stand-up comedy series featuring some of the hottest comedians in the country. It has just been renewed for a third season - which will shoot later this summer and will premiere in the fall. Off The Chain Live is a six-city comedy tour – Birmingham is the third stop on the tour at The Stardome. There is only one show in Birmingham - tonight at 7:30pm. He will be in Chattanooga, Nashville, and Atanta in August. Rodney Perry has had the opportunity to learn the business of Comedy from some of the best. He can be seen every Tuesday night as the current Host of Bounce TV's "Off the Chain!" For tickets or more information for this tonight's show, call the Comedy Club Stardome at 205-444-0008 or visit

JULY DEALS - You'll probably find deep discounts on almost everything this July 4th weekend; but if you miss out on the holiday sales, there are still a few items that you can snag at really low prices this month.  Consumer Reports' senior project editor Mandy Walker joined us with the best things to buy in July. July 4th sales are upon us, what's on sale and will we be getting the best price of the season? Camcorders and swimwear were on the list in June – will we be getting an even better deal on these items now and why do they continue to be so heavily discounted? Indoor furniture is once again on deep discount this month, but now, if we're shopping for our outdoor space, Consumer Reports says we can get great buys on patio furniture and other items now – what should plan to shop for? For more information on Forth of July sales and items on deep discount in July visit

OUR HOUSE - With the long holiday weekend approaching, this is a great time to take on those painting projects you have been meaning to get done.  You might be wondering what you can do to make your painting project look great and last for years.  Jackie Marchant from Marvin's Building Materials and Home Centers joined us to explain some easy tips for great results on your next paint project. Painting is an easy affordable project that can give your room or home exterior the fresh look you've been needing. There are two kinds of paint- Latex and oil based paint.  The most popular paint is latex based.  Latex paint is made up for 4 ingredients- water, resin, additives, and pigments.  When you paint something you apply it wet, then the water evaporates and you left with the resin which sticks the paint to the wall, the additives, and the pigment or color. Low quality paint has more water and additives, and less resign and pigment which means this paint it's thinner. This requires you to have to do many coats, not to mention having to repaint the room more often than you would like to because it won't last a long time.  In general, you can expect 1 gallon of paint to cover about 350 square feet. You need slightly more than a gallon if the walls are unpainted drywall, which absorbs more of the paint. Flat paint will have no visible sheen to it and is not a washable surface.  This is typically used in low traffic areas.  Satin has a slight sheen to it and is more washable than a flat. Eggshell is halfway between satin and semi-gloss with a noticeable gloss and sheen.  Semi-gloss paint has a noticeable sheen to it and is the most washable and scrubbable of the three. The most common accessories you'll need to complete your paint project are painting tape, drop cloth, painting tray, rollers and brushes, primer, roller frame, paint sprayer, spackle and spackle knife.

PET OF THE WEEK - Nancy Alice with the Greater Birmingham Humane Society introduced us to a pet today looking for a forever home! Her name is Nala. For more information on today's pet or others up for adoption, call (205) 942-1211 or visit

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