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Tuscaloosa first responders ready to help residents during heat wave

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Whether it's law enforcement or fire rescue, each department has ideas how to protect you from heat related dangers this summer.

There's no better place to cool off than the fountain at Tuscaloosa's Shelby Park on a hot summer day.

Katalin Lukacs says without the water here, there's no way she'd take her daughter outside in this heat.

"Make sure you hydrate them enough and make sure you check the weather before you go out especially here in the South," she said.

The Tuscaloosa Sheriff's Office uses social media to ensure people like Lukacs know what to expect in an emergency or serious weather.

"It's so easy for people to see it. If they think it's worth sharing they're going share it with their friends on Facebook or their followers on Twitter," Lt. Andy Norris said.

Norris, who manages social media for the department, warned people ahead of time that heat index could reach 105 degrees on Wednesday.

He sent out notifications on three different social media platforms to make people aware of what to expect and gave tips how folks could protect themselves.

"We want them to be prepared for the heat and we want them to be hydrated and have all the tips so they know what to expect so they're not caught out there unprepared," Norris said.

Northport Fire Rescue stocked up their vehicles with ice and sports drinks. There are several tools they're now using when coming into contact with people suffering from heat related illnesses. 

"What we have done is just prepare ourselves to respond to heat emergencies. We have our usual compliment of emergency medical equipment. We also have added extra cool IV fluid. We also have ice coolers," Battalion Chief Jason Norris said.

Tuscaloosa EMA has also directed law enforcement to be aware if they come into contact with folks who may be homeless or live somewhere without air conditioning.

They've been told to put those people in touch with the Compassion Coalition.

That group that found shelter for folks during freezing weather earlier this year and has places available for people to cool off too.

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