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Police: No evidence of attack on special needs teen

Preston Chambliss Preston Chambliss
Preston Chambliss Preston Chambliss

A Helena teen with special needs is recovering in a Florida hospital after needing 70 stitches for cuts all over his body. Gainesville police investigators say they found no evidence of a crime, but his parents say he was a victim of an attack.

Preston Chambliss is a member of the Moody Miracle League, a group that gives special needs kids and teens the chance to play on a baseball team. His mom, Mary Chambliss, is the league's director.

Preston, 16, has Prader Willi Syndrome, which causes compulsive behavior like overeating and even delusions. He took part in a research program about the disorder at the University of Florida this week.

During a lunch break on Monday at a Gainesville restaurant, he went to the restroom. Employees later notified his mother something was wrong.

"Preston came out of the bathroom and blood was dripping down his pants. I took him to the female bathroom to get him cleaned up. When I pulled down his pants, blood was oozing everywhere," Preston's mom Mary Chambliss said.

She says Preston was taken to a Florida hospital where he underwent surgery. Chambliss said his injuries were so bad he required up to 70 stitches.

"They took him to an emergency room. He underwent surgery yesterday took an hour and a half. He had three lacerations on his buttock," Chambliss said.

Chambliss said at first the Gainesville Police Department treated the incident like it was a crime scene but later blamed Preston's wounds on his medical condition.

Chambliss said her son has never hurt himself.

"They just disregarded what my son had to say because he was special needs and they didn't want to talk to him or believe him," Chambliss said.

Chambliss said Preston told everyone he was attacked by a man with muscles. She says she hopes the police department will continue their investigation or someone would come forward with information.

Officer Ben Tobias, spokesman for Gainesville PD, says the evidence in the case did not point towards a crime being committed.

"We immediately treated this incident like a crime scene, but a lengthy investigation with our forensics investigators revealed no physical, medical or witness evidence to substantiate that a crime actually occurred," Tobias stated in an email to Fox6. "We are certainly sorry that Preston was injured while visiting Gainesville, and if there was evidence to prove a crime, we would have put every resource at our disposal in finding such a criminal. "

Tobias also provided a copy of the incident report. It reads as follows:

"1. AO: On Tuesday, July 1, 2014 at approximately 1320 hours, I was dispatched to La Tienda Restaurant, 2204 SW 13th Street in reference to a medical emergency. I was in uniform driving a marked police car.

2. INV: The call was in reference to a teen age male which had sustained laceration injuries to his buttocks while in the men`s restroom. Prior to my arrival, ACFR Rescue 2 had transported the subject, Michael Chambliss, to Shand`s pediatric emergency room. At the scene, Chambliss had stated to the medics he was pushed by a black male into the sink. With the information given to them, EMS requested GPD.

The men`s bathroom had been cleaned prior to GPD`s arrival by the restaurant staff and the broken sink pieces were placed into the garbage can. The bathroom was secured as a potential crime scene. I then spoke with the employees of the business. Maria Lagunas advised she was working at the cashier stand and heard a very loud noise come from the men`s room. She and another employee, Rafael Gonzalez, checked the area. She did not see anyone exit the men`s room prior to Gonzalez entering it.

Rafael Gonzalez advised he was working in the dining area and heard the noise come from the men`s room. He checked inside and found Chambliss standing in the room with his pants on and in the normal wear position. He noticed that the sink had been completely broken off the wall. He did not observe anyone else in the bathroom and no one exited before he entered.

With the injury to the buttocks, it was not completely known what kind of incident had occurred. Therefore, FCU was notified by Sgt. Reddick and responded.

I then went to Shand`s to contact Michael Chambliss and his mother, Mary Chambliss. Ms. Chambliss stated Michael has Prater Willie syndrom and some developmental issues. She advised Michael told her a black male was in the bathroom with him and pushed him into the sink.

I was able to conduct an interview with Michael. I asked him if he knew the difference between a lie and a truth and he stated he did. I said the sky is blue and if that is a truth or a lie. He replied it was a truth. I then stated the sky was green and asked the same question. His looked around the room for the answer and then said truth. With this incident being in such a confined space, I asked if he saw anyone in the mirror including himself. He replied no. I asked how the sink was broken and he stated someone pushed him. I asked if he could tell me what color shirt or skin the subject had, he stated he didn`t know. Michael could tell me he was a Auburn Tiger fan and not a Alabama Crimson Tide fan.

Michael was attended to by Dr. Lucas and Dr. Miller of Shand`s. The initial exam revealed that Michael sustained significant lacerations to his buttocks. They did not observe any trauma to his anus to suggest an assault or other crime had occurred.

Based on the immediate response of the restaurant staff, the condition of the broken sink and the medical exam, this call is an injured person case. It appears that Michael sat on the sink which then came off the wall and Michael fell down onto the broken pieces of the sink and cut himself."

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