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Billboard: 'Tyler is Cleveland Browns territory'


Driving near Loop 323 and Highway 155 in Tyler, the billboard is hard to miss.

It reads, "Tyler, Texas is now Cleveland Browns territory... Paid for by former Cowboy fans."

Jamie McDaniel is a proud Texas A&M Aggie. McDaniel and many of his friends had dreams of seeing Johnny Manziel wearing a Cowboys star on his helmet.

"I thought without a doubt they (the Cowboys) were going to draft him (Manziel)," said McDaniel.

"It set up perfect," said Rodney Low.  "All the lines were lining up and it didn't happen and we were all just very upset."

So McDaniel and seven of his friends pitched in, to make Tyler, Texas, a Browns Town.

"I actually thought there would be reaction, I didn't know there would be this much," said McDaniel.  "My wife put it on twitter and within two to three hours we had reporters calling our house from Cleveland and Houston. They're calling all over.

Pictures of the billboard have been posted on national websites across the country, including

"For it to be that big a deal that a small town like Tyler getting national media because of a billboard, it shocked me a little," said Kevin Carpenter.

"We never thought it would go like it has," said Low.  "I do think it's extremely funny."

They hope Cleveland has the last laugh. And this season, these football fans will be watching the Browns on Sunday's, over the Cowboys.

"I'm not saying I'll never watch the Cowboys if it's raining outside and there's nothing else to do," said Low.  "But I've already signed up for NFL Network, so I can watch Cleveland."

"We just wanted to make a point that he's from Tyler," said Carpenter.  "So we're going to follow him where ever he goes."

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