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Celebrities swarm Kansas City for Big Slick fundraiser


Some major celebrities are in town for the Big Slick Celebrity Weekend benefiting Children's Mercy Hospital.

"Every year it gets more profound and emotional for us," Paul Rudd said in a morning news conference after the actors met with local children being treated at the hospital.

Kansas City's beloved funny men Paul Rudd, Rob Riggle and Jason Sudeikis are back for the fifth annual Big Slick.

"This year we are doing bowling. Big Slick is a poker term, even though it's not poker this year we are still going to make the term work," Rudd joked.

Poker is out and bowling is in, and this year the guys have brought a few more hometown favorites to join their cause. Modern Family's Eric Stonestreet and David Koechner of Anchorman fame will be in the mix as the group embarks on a big weekend benefiting Children's Mercy Hospital.

Big Slick has donated more than $1.4 million to Children's Mercy's cancer center, helping the nonprofit hospital expand its Bone Marrow Transplant Unit and buy more than $500,000 in advanced early detection equipment.

It's a weekend of fun filled with games and joking that includes the Big Slick Celebrity Classic at Kauffman Stadium's Little K where fellow celebrity friends join in.

"I knew I had a triple in me, and that's why I came out," said actor Will Forte.

In the wiffle ball game that's always full of laughs, some celebrities showed they have what it takes while others just couldn't quite cut it. "Weird Al" Yankovic was happy to be invited, although he seemed to have more strikes than hits.

Saturday at Pinstripes, the celebrities gathered for a bowling tournament with a party and live auction following at the Arvest Bank Theatre at the Midland.

"I was lucky enough to be invited back a third time at Big Slick and we have such a great time out here and it's a great cause," said actor Joe Lo Truglio.

Despite the fun that can't help but to be had for the guys, it is all about the kids.

"We are all fathers, everybody, and we're all excited to be here. So it's personal for us, it matters," Riggle said.

"This time it's personal," Sudeikis joked, referencing the recent birth of his and Olivia Wilde's little boy.

"That's what it says on our new T-shirts: 'Big Slick. Now it's personal,'" Rudd added.

Everyone was getting in some laughs with Sudeikis who just recently welcomed his first child, Otis, into the world. He talked about how being a parent impacted him more than he ever imagined and made the fifth annual Big Slick the most emotional for him yet.

"I can't help but empathize with every person who has a child or had a child or every child that exists now because I see Otis, I see Olivia in the moms, I see parts of me in the fathers. It just sort of opens you up a little bit and it lets as much love in. It's emotional now in a way that I couldn't have anticipated, despite having a decent imagination," Sudeikis said.

This is the first year you can donate online to the funny men's cause.

Click here for a lineup of the weekend's events.

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