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TCAP results can help parents help child's learning


Now that the confusion is over and TCAP scores are here, what will parents do with the scores?

Summer is a great time for students to make up for lost time or lost lessons and the TCAP results can be a guidebook for where to start.

Christian Smith, 11, will be spending a few hours each week in tutoring sessions.

"For instance math, that's a subject he really struggles with," said Katrina Smith, Christian's mom. "Fifth grade has been such a hard year."

It's something his parents insist is necessary after reviewing his TCAP scores. They knew, like many students, Christian would need some extra help.

"He wants to play. But I'm like we can play after we do a little bit of math because you really didn't understand this," said Katrina Smith. "We need to use this time to get you to understand it."

After weeks of confusing reports on if TCAP scores would be used or if they would even come on time, now the question is what to do with them.

"Summer can be a good time to just take a breath and take a look at those scores," said school psychologist Vanessa Adams. "See if those patterns match what the parents have seen this school year."

When reviewing your child's TCAP scores, tutors at The Learning Lab in Brentwood said parents should first ask if there are any surprises in the information.

"A lot of times, when there is a weaker area, usually it's something that the school team has already been trying to problem solve," said Adams.

Talking to your child's teacher will help.

Jan Lineberger, the standardized testing coordinator for Metro Schools, said just because your child's overall score said proficient, there may still be weak points.

"In this example, you'll see the child overall is proficient. But in the categories we have some where the child actually scored before basic," said Lineberger.

"Even if you can't afford tutoring, there's so many resources that are available online," said Smith. "You can learn how to do anything on there. YouTube, I call it YouTube University."

Educators stressed that the TCAP test isn't the sole indicator of your child's success. It's just a snapshot from one test at one time.

They said continued learning, in any form, through the summer is most important to prevent learning loss.

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