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Incomplete city project in Selma leaves eyesore


A Selma city councilman describes a construction project in town as hanging in limbo. Officials admit the city failed to provide a key piece of equipment to complete the job.

What used to be a wholesale supply store has been reduced to rubble at the corner of Selma Avenue and Marie Foster in Selma. And this is how it will remain unless Selma city councilman Michael Johnson can somehow find a few dump trucks to haul away the debris.

"I probably would have made a different decision looking back," said the freshman councilman.

Johnson says it's not the demolition contractor's fault. Johnson applauds the job he did in tearing down the building and providing jobs to people like Will Webb who spent all day Friday picking up bricks and putting them on pallets. The bricks will eventually be sold.

"It's excellent work and I thank God for it," Webb said.

As part of the original agreement with the contractor, the city was to provide trucks and trailers to help clean up the mess. That didn't happen, which was a disappointment to Johnson because he had envision the city-owned property becoming the new home for retail.

"We didn't fulfill our obligation on that end. I think our trucks were either down or being used elsewhere. I had hope some of the other businesses with dump trucks would offer to help," Johnson said.

At least one resident has no problems with the way this city block looks. In fact, Cora Walker says it looks better than it used to.

"I'm just glad a few folks found jobs while they tore it down," said Walker, who lives across the street from the construction site.

Johnson still feels the dream of retail will happen but not as quickly as he had hoped. He must first contend with a big mess covering some 10 acres.

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