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Residents displeased over rezoning of Homewood's Rosedale neighborhood

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Progress or the beginning of the end of a neighborhood? That is the debate in Homewood's Rosedale area. This after the city council voted to rezone a property in that neighborhood.

Some people in a Rosedale community are afraid this is just the beginning of them losing their neighborhood.

The Homewood City Council voted to rezone a property on M.D. Montgomery Street from a NPD (Neighborhood Preservation District) to a MXD (Mixed Use District.) It will now be zoned for residential living, as well as an office space.

Some residents here tried to fight it; voicing their concerns to city council members but Monday's vote left them feeling like no one cared what they wanted. They fear the city will continue rezoning the street until the Rosedale community is no existent.

"It's a historical neighborhood and we've been over here for years. We're the people that have been forgot about," resident Bryan Ward said.

We have reached out to the mayor of Homewood, but have not been able to speak to him yet due to a death in his family.

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