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Cantor falls in historic primary loss


It is not understating things to describe Tuesday's election results as historic. Eric Cantor is one of the most powerful politicians in America and spent more than $1 million in this primary.

In a matter of a few months, he will go back to being an ordinary citizen.

It was something no one saw coming - including the person it was happening to.

"Obviously we came up short," said Rep. Eric Cantor in front of a crowd of disappointed supporters at the Westin Richmond.

Cantor - a seven-term congressman perhaps on the verge of becoming the next Speaker of the House - fell in a Republican primary to a man he outspent 5 to 1. It was an outcome of historic proportions that left Cantor to reflect on a career he thought was just beginning.

"Serving as the 7th district congressman and then as Majority Leader has been one of the highest honors of my life," he told supporters. 

It left those supporters who thought they were attending a victory party in stunned sadness, searching for answers.

"It is a little surprising," said William J. Davis. "But I wonder how many Democrats crossed over and caused this."

Cantor, who did appear to have a concession speech plan, alluded to the future of his Republican party - a party still apparently very much fractured as the Tea Party and other forces continue to fight over its control into the future.

"We need to focus our efforts as conservatives, as Republicans, on putting forth our Republican solutions so they can help solve the problems of so many working class families," he said, speaking of a cause he will no longer directly be a part of as his political career ended in an abrupt and unexpected way.

Cantor's loss contributes to an already fractured and dysfunctional Republican party, still reeling from losing all three statewide races last year, with the party's last governor now facing a corruption trial. Cantor was the one truly powerful member of the party left and soon he will be gone.

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