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East Lake Summer vegetable saute

East Lake Summer vegetable saute
the vegetables I use in this dish will vary on what comes in the weekly farmer's market box-the freshest of what the farmers bring on Saturday morning.

Browned Garlic Oil
I generally use some browned garlic infused oil that I keep in the refrigerator. I make this by taking whole garlic cloves and cooking them slowly in some olive and vegetable oil, until the garlic is lightly browned.  I often add some fresh thyme to add a different mellow flavor.

I generally saute the vegetables starting with  the onions then the firmest vegetables like the squashes, with the softest at the end such as the tomatoes.  If some of the vegetables need longer steaming or braising, like mature greens, I will sometimes do them separately and combine them at the end.  Tender greens like arugula or spinach I will add just for the last few minutes to wilt into the mixture.
Many fresh herbs can be added to the sauteed vegetables, depending on what you have or get.  I always have a base of salt, pepper, and my favorite-Mrs. Dash, which is a salt and MSG free seasoning mix which gives a nice general seasoning base.

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