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Jobs cuts expected for Hoover School System

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The Hoover School System is cutting jobs to save money. The decision was made during Monday night's board of education meeting.

The board says this is a result of a decline in revenue and an increase in enrollment. Nine positions will be eliminated, including administrators, teachers, and library aids.

The Hoover School System has had financial concerns for some time. This past September, they passed a budget with a $17 million deficit. That led to a discussion about eliminating bus service.

"I'm not privy to the finances, but I wondered if there were other areas that perhaps didn't involve personnel that could be trimmed. And I guess my hope is that those areas are being looked at before the people are cut," said Rosalie Pollini, a teacher disappointed with the decision.

Also during the meeting, Superintendent Andy Craig's yearly evaluation was presented. He got excellent marks in most categories, except in "utilizing local media in community relations." In that category, he got a 2.6 out of five.

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