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Woman stops in Gadsden on cross-country trek for the homeless

Kim Denmark at Gadsden City Hall Monday. Source: Dixon Hayes/WBRC Kim Denmark at Gadsden City Hall Monday. Source: Dixon Hayes/WBRC

You may have noticed her walking on the side of a road in your community. Dayton, Ohio native Kim Denmark is walking across the nation to bring attention to the plight of the homeless and especially homeless veterans.

It's a journey that's taken Denmark nine years, through 16 states and 27 pairs of shoes. Her latest stop is in Gadsden where FOX6 News caught up with her Monday.

Denmark spent Sunday night at the Gadsden Motor Inn and Suites, after city council member Robert Avery saw her on Meighan Boulevard and put her up for the night. She had previously showered and been fed at the Way of the Cross ministries in Gadsden's Alabama City area.

Avery says he hopes the council can honor her in some way at Tuesday's meeting.

Denmark says her physical journey came after a tumultuous personal one.

"I was a selfish individual, very melancholy, turned my back on a lot of people who helped me along the way," she said. "But they I reached a proportion in my life where I didn't need any help, so I turned my back on other people.

"And I experienced an epiphany, with the Lord. And He laid this on my heart that this was a way to give back, and that is to go across the country and speak about, speak out about homelessness and homeless veterans, and trying to get the communities to come together and choose to do something."

Denmark also visited Gadsden's Love Center homeless shelter and wants to assist them in an upcoming fundraiser. The collar of her safety-orange jumpsuit bears pins from various cities in Georgia, North Carolina and Alabama that she's visited including Hoover, Trussville and Pell City.

Denmark says inclement weather, including the rash of thunderstorms in Alabama over the past few days, have slowed her down. But she also says she's even walked through snow, as she continues her walk through all seasons of the year.

Denmark's ultimate destination is the White House, where she wants to share her story and experiences with President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama.

"I'm just one person, but I'm going to try, one step at a time. I choose to do something," she said.

If you would like to help or keep up with Denmark's trip, you can find her on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/kim.denmark.7?fref=ts and online at http://kimdenmark.com/.

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