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Time is running out to register with FEMA

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It has now been five weeks since the April tornadoes. If you or someone you know was affected by the storms, time is running out for you to get federal assistance. The deadline to register with FEMA is July 1.

"We think there are many who haven't applied," said Graysville Mayor Mary Sue Morgan. "I think we reached most everyone but we would like for everyone to come and apply."

Morgan can't emphasize enough the importance of registering. "It will cut you off from applying for long term recovery," said Morgan.

Some people are waiting to find out first what their insurance will cover. Renee Bafalis with FEMA says that's a mistake. "We can't duplicate what your insurance company covers. However you might not find out for a while what exactly is covered so go ahead and simultaneously register with us because after that July 1st deadline you're going to be out of luck and we don't want that," said Bafalis.

Those who have registered will soon receive a letter in the mail, telling you if you're eligible for help. Bafalis says if you're denied help, check to see why. She says many times it's a simple fix. "You may not have signed a document, you may have given an incorrect social security number, may not have given a proof of ownership of your property," said Bafalis.

If that happens, you can appeal. "You have 60 days to respond to that letter and write an appeal. Come to one of our centers we can help you with that," said Bafalis.

The Bessemer Recovery Center is closing Friday, but the Graysville center will remain open a little while longer.

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