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Governor Bentley returns to Tuscaloosa to vote

Governor Bentley (Source: Terri Brewer) Governor Bentley (Source: Terri Brewer)

Alabama Governor Robert Bentley returned to his hometown of Tuscaloosa on Tuesday to vote and watch the returns. The governor says, as the incumbent, he feels good about winning the Republican primary, but he never takes anything for granted.

The governor voted alongside his wife, Alabama First Lady Dianne Bentley, at Tuscaloosa Academy. He encouraged everyone to get out and vote and talked about his first term of working to bring jobs to Alabama and improve the economy. Bentley said jobs will continue to be his focus. "The most important thing is to educate the people of our state, and to allow them a job," said the governor.

He was also very clear that he doesn't like all the negative political ads that are seen in some of the other races.

"If you have to run down your opponent in order to build yourself up, you may not be a very good opponent yourself. I think people need to look at that. I think people get sick of negative ads, I really do. I get tired of them. And everybody's fighting President Obama. Ok, well, you know what? Say what you're going to do. Say what you're interested in. Say what your goals are," said Bentley.

Bentley told Fox6 News if he is the subject of an attack ad in this election year, he will respond to the claim, but will not run a negative campaign. The governor will remain in Tuscaloosa Tuesday night to watch the results come in at Bryant Denny Stadium.

Bentley has two opponents in the Republican primary, Stacy Lee George and Bob Starkey. On the Democratic ticket, the candidates for governor are Kevin Bass and Parker Griffith.

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