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Activist protests abortion clinic's proposed move

The clinic's move is in an attempt to comply with the state law's current requirements. The clinic's move is in an attempt to comply with the state law's current requirements.

As testimony continues in a federal courtroom over whether or not Alabama's new abortion laws are constitutional, it has been confirmed that the abortion clinic in Huntsville is attempting to relocate from its current location.

The clinic's move is in an attempt to comply with the law's current requirements that physicians have admitting privileges at a hospital and meet certain building codes.

The building where the clinic is trying to relocate is along Sparkman Drive, adjacent to Ed White Middle School. A pro-life activist is now pushing the Huntsville school board to stand against the clinic's move.

Monday, the Reverend James Henderson sent an e-mail to all school board members to act urgently over the fact that the abortion clinic intends to relocate near Ed White.

Rev. Henderson shares his strong opinions with the women who walk into the current location. Also at the clinic are pro-choice advocates who assist women into the building.

"We will be there to assist women to get in safely without being harrassed," said Josie Poland of Alabama Reproductive Rights Advocates.

Poland mentioned encounters she has had with Rev. Henderson outside the clinic, where she said on top of harassing the women who enter, he has other pro-life advocates who bring their children along to the site.

"They are there with parental approval, supervision and full knowledge," Henderson said. "That would not be the case at Ed White, if under the radar the abortion clinic is able to move secretly into this location before the parents know about it or have an opportunity to voice their objections."

"It's the wrong message those kids, it's the wrong message for the families and those churches in the neighborhood," he continued.

Henderson believes the facility where the clinic wants to move is not zoned for their needs. However, city leaders said it is zoned for a medical facility.

The type of medical use is up to the state, not the city.

School officials have not commented on Henderson's email yet.

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