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Bright Star 107 year sampler

-3oz beef tenderloin split
-3oz gulf red snapper loin butterflied
-2 10/15 shrimp peeled and devained
-1 teaspoon oregeno
-1oz butter
-1/4 oz freshly squeezed lemon juice
-1 teaspoon fresh chopped garlic
-1tablespoon seasoned flour
-1oz soy sauce
-Dust butterflied snapper in seasoned flour and cook in hot skillet until browned on one side flip fish over browned side up and finish cooking in pre-heated 375degree oven.
-dip beef tenderloin in soy sauce and cook to desired temp over a 600 degree grill.
-cook shrimp on a hot skillet until cooked through.
-On a platter place cooked fish, steak, and shrimp.
-combine butter, lemon juice, and garlic and mix well.
-sprinkle fish, steak, and shrimp with oregeno and top with sauce.

Noon Cooking - May 28, 2014

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