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Military couple gets dream wedding in the Lowcountry



Meet Mr. and Mrs. Eric Wilson. The two love birds got married Saturday, after not seeing each other in five months. 

They are in the Air Force, and they are stationed more than 1,000 miles away from each other.

"When we finally do see each other, it just makes it that much more special to us, and just being here together now, I just love it," said Eric Wilson.

The Air Force brought them together. It is also keeping them apart. They only see each other four times a year. Eric is stationed in Nebraska and Alicia is in Arizona.

"We are excited because we get to see each other, and then it's like Oh, we are getting married today, too," said Alicia. "It's awesome."

It's love. You can tell by the way they were lost in each other's eyes, as singer Edwin McCain serenaded them on the happiest day of their lives.

McCain was a surprise for the couple, but he was not the highlight of the day: signing their marriage license was. 

The journey to their wedding day was a tough one, because unlike most couples, they do not get to be in each other's arms everyday.  

"Communication is key, and having that trust and honesty between us," Alicia said. "Being apart made us so much stronger as a couple."

They have a few more days together, then they have to return back to their bases. Eric is getting deployed in July, and Alicia will be deployed in September.

"It is always hard when we have to say goodbye to each other at the airport when we leave. It is going to be a lot harder now, because we are married," said Eric. "It is just going to be difficult to have to say bye to her."

They do plan on filing for joint placement within the Air Force when they return from their honeymoon. 

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