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Protection Order granted to Congressman's wife reportedly harassed by Columbus man

The Columbus man accused of harassing a congressman's wife is not fighting the accusation. 

Doug McLeod has been ordered to stay away from Columbus' clerk of Municipal Court, and wife of congressman Sanford Bishop, Vivian Bishop.
News Leader 9 had the only crew inside Wednesday's hearing.

Vivian Bishop filed an order of protection against McLeod after she says he threatened her, demanding she support one candidate over the other.

Bishop claims McLeod grabbed her arm, and told her if she voted Colin Martin for mayor, she would "be sorry."
McLeod did not contest the order. Bishop's attorney Stacey Jackson says she's relieved it's all over.

"It has been a scary situation for her, because this is the second time something like this happened involving Mr. McLeod.  She's relieved that it's all over, and she simply wanted to exercise her rights to not be verbally or physically harassed by someone," Jackson said

By her attorney's advice, Bishop declined to speak with us on camera. McLeod has been ordered avoid contacting Bishop, and to stay 1,000 feet away from her. 

The order is for three years. If Mcleod violates the order, he could possibly be charged with felony stalking. 

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Columbus mayoral candidate Colin Martin opened a new can of worms Thursday night at the NAACP candidate forum.

"This has gotten out of hand," Colin Martina announced at the forum.  "Two nights ago, Vivian Bishop was attacked, physically attacked, by a supporter of Mayor Tomlinson's for supporting me."

Mayor Teresa Tomlinson reacted quickly, shocked by the remarks.

"She had to call the Secret Service. This has gotten out of hand," Martin continued.

Columbus' clerk of Municipal Court and wife of congressman Sanford Bishop Vivian Creighton-Bishop filed an order of protection against a man she said threatened her over the Columbus mayoral election. 

Bishop claimed Doug McLeod grabbed her arm and told her if she voted for Colin Martin for mayor she would "be sorry."

Bishop filed a temporary protection order against Doug McLeod, accusing him of stalking her. Bishop says matters became worse Tuesday night when McLeod allegedly approached Bishop, grabbed her arm, and demanded she vote Democrat.   

"He said I better support Teresa Tomlinson and I told him that I was at liberty to support whoever I wanted to," Bishop said during a phone conversation.

In the order of protection, Bishop claimed several council members and congressman witnessed the incident eventually placing themselves between her and McLeod who she said continued to shout threats. 

"And he said, no, you'll be sorry if you don't support her. He just started yelling in my face. He was saying threatening things like, I'll get you, you'll be sorry if you don't support Teresa Tomlinson. You'll be sorry," Bishop recalled.

Bishop says this was not the first times she's been approached by McLeod. She says McLeod approached her in early April, in Fort Valley but did not touch her. 

We went to a home where McLeod is believed to live, we were asked to leave by an unknown woman. We have been unable to reach McLeod for comment. 

McLeod has been ordered to stay 1,000 yards away from Bishop. 

Mayor Tomlinson has commented on this issue. She says "I'm stunned by that report. Vivian and Doug have known each other for years and Doug is a staunch supporter of Sanford's. I can't imagine what their interaction was about but I cannot fathom it had any thing to do with me or my campaign."

McLeod is scheduled to appear in court on May 28.

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