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Many still upset about Nettles' removal from Ramsay High

Ramsay High School. Birmingham, Ala. (Source: WBRC video) Ramsay High School. Birmingham, Ala. (Source: WBRC video)

Controversy continues at Ramsay High School over the removal of principal Dr. Evelyn Nettles.

On Friday, school officials pre-empted another protest planned by students who walked out of school in support of Nettles on Wednesday when some students walked from the school in southside to the district headquarters.

Parents received automated phone calls from Ramsay High officials on Friday morning warning that students who left school could face suspension.

"We cannot have a walkout and disrupt the educational environment," was part of the robo call parents received early Friday morning from Birmingham City Schools.

Students were not allowed to leave their classrooms and the school day went on as normal.

"So I'm disappointed. But, I understand the reason why they did what they did because me as a student at Ramsay High School, I want to be able to take my finals and move on to the 10th grade," freshman Arkia Grayson said.

Birmingham School Board Superintendent Dr. Craig Witherspoon met with Ramsay student government leaders on Friday to hear their concerns, but Dr. Witherspoon says that Dr. Nettles' removal is a personnel issue and the decision is final.

"The conversation and the focus now is how do we move forward. And let's continue on those goals. Very bright students here in this school, as well as all of our schools, but we want to focus on the future and how we move forward," said Dr. Witherspoon.

According to officials with Birmingham city schools, Dr. Nettles is being transfered to another school in the district.

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