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Husband and wife, tied up by robbers, recount home robbery


A Montgomery family is counting their blessings, being unharmed after thieves forced themselves into their home, tied them up, and robbed them.

It happened overnight Wednesday in the Henley Hedge Neighborhood off Bell Road in East Montgomery. The victims told their story to WSFA 12 News Reporter Melissa Johnson

 "It just felt like it wasn't real," said Suzanne Spurlin.  Suzanne and her husband Watson are still having a hard time believing what happened inside their home.

Just after midnight Wednesday night, three men, armed with a gun and a crowbar, were standing in the backyard at Watson Spurlin stepped out to take the dog for a walk.

 "I told them, we don't have to do this," he said. "But they said, yes we do. And everything will be ok if you do what we say."

 The men forced Mr. Spurlin into his kitchen. 

"They told me to lay down on the ground, face down, and put my hands behind my back," said Watson Spurlin. 

Suzanne, who was upstairs at the time, heard the commotion and came downstairs.

"I came around the corner, and there was a man holding a gun at me.  I said, I'm just going to get on the ground.  You can get whatever you want."

The robbers cut off cords to the couple's lamps and used those to bind the couples hands and feet.

After that, they spent almost an hour, turning the house upside down.  They took televisions, electronics, and even one of the couple vehicles.

The Spurlin's cooperated with the robbers' every demand.

"They kept asking me where things where. And I said, it's in that drawer, in that room, just go get it," added Suzanne.

And all the while, Watson was thinking of what might happen next.

"Your safety if the first thing you think of.  I was stretching those cords, pulling at them, trying to get them loose.  But, I didn't do it while they could see me."

The moment the men had left the house, Mr. Spurlin got his hands loose, cut his wife loose, and they ran to neighbors for help. He says the police response was swift, and he commends MPD for their hard work to help find who is responsible.

Mr, Spurlin said the police did find their vehicle, along with some of their belongings, but so far, no arrests have been made.

No other information is being released at this time and no arrests have been made as the investigation continues.

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