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Guest Editorial - "Feedback"


In response to our editorial urging drivers to obey the speed limit in work zones …

Alison wrote, "It's just ridiculous to have to slow to 35 on a 65 highway when all 4 lanes are open and no workers are present."

Hank wrote: "Alabama needs laws like they have in other states.  If you hit or injure a worker it's a $10,000 fine and 14 years in jail." 

To our editorial supporting the NBA for its treatment of LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling …

Kevin wrote: "I hope he (Sterling) sues and takes all their money.  You may not like what he says, but … in this country you have the right to say it."

Leslee wrote: "… of course he has a right to think and say what he wants, but the NBA also has rights.  They have the right to shun him, because of their rules."

And in response to our editorial urging Alabama to clean up the state's voter lists …

Dentry wrote: "The system is so outdated and flawed.  We should be voting by our Social Security number."

And Melanie wrote: "Simple cure.  If you aren't named in the U.S. Census, you aren't here, therefore you can't vote."

As always, we welcome your comments.

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