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2 more red light cameras installed in Tuscaloosa

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More red light cameras are up and running at Tuscaloosa area intersections. A new camera is operational at Lurleen Wallace Boulevard North near University Boulevard.

But do more cameras mean safety for drivers at some of the city's busiest intersections? Some drivers think so.

A new camera at the intersection of Skyland Boulevard and McFarland Boulevard monitors the west bound land on Skyland.

Driver Brad Parham said he hopes the cameras will make the intersections safer.

"I hope it does. But I lived here my whole life. So I know how driving can be in this town. But I hope it does," Parham said.

Three cameras now watch that one intersection alone, bringing the total number of intersections with red light cameras to six.

The most recent stats from Tuscaloosa Police show that 477 drivers were ticketed from the other four working traffic cameras in the month of March.

Parham hopes that means word is starting to spread that the cameras are running and recording the license plates of drivers who run red lights. He tells us,

"I would hope so. I mean if you pay attention, you can see them. Plus, I've heard around, they're going up so I hope so," he said.

Tuscaloosa Police said in a press release the cameras objective are to make Tuscaloosa a safer place to drive and make drivers think twice about running red lights.

Edwin Gowdy believes more cameras are needed at the intersection of Skyland at McFarland.

"I think it'll be a great idea. A lot of great accidents happen at this light here," Gowdy said.

People caught running red lights by those two cameras will just get warnings. But starting Monday May 19, they'll be ticketed.

The new locations for the red light photo enforcement systems are: Westbound Skyland Blvd and McFarland Blvd and Northbound Lurleen Wallace Blvd at University Blvd.

These locations are in addition to the system already in place at 15th St. and 6th Ave E, Northbound Mcfarland Blvd & 37th St E, Southbound McFarland Blvd & Skyland Blvd, and I-359 & Skyland Blvd.

The fine for a red light violation is $110. When a person receives the notice of violation in the mail they can review the violation by going to www.viewcitation.com and entering a citation number and a PIN number that is provided on the ticket. This will allow a person to watch a video of the violation.

All instructions for paying the fine will be on the ticket. A red light ticket is a civil fine and will not impact a person's insurance rates or add points on a persons' drivers license. Once the civil find is paid, it will constitute the final disposition on the matter.

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