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River Region residents becoming stronger leaders through Leadercast 2014


According to Auburn Montgomery Outreach, research shows 60% of the work force is actively disengaged. Residents in the River Region are hoping to change that. People got busy today to learn how to be a better leader and make a difference in the business community.

320 people took part in Friday's Leadercast Montgomery, but more than 140,000 people all over the world tuned into the annual Leadercast. It was held at two main sites, Atlanta, Georgia and Cape Town, South Africa, but was broadcast all over, including here in Montgomery.

Participants heard from Nobel Peace Prize winner and human rights activists, Archbishop Desmond Tutu and other world renowned leaders. This year's theme was Beyond you, challenging leaders to use their influence for the sake of others.

"We all have influence," said Nichole Pinkham, senior training consultant for Auburn Montgomery Outreach. "So everyday we have an opportunity with every interaction, with every thing we say or do to either lead people and influence them in a positive direction or negative direction.

Brenda M. Mitchell, Director of Police operations at AUM, was in attendance today and she added, "you can be a leader in your home life, you can be a leader at school, you can be a leader on the playground. It's all about doing the right thing when nobody is watching but doing things to benefit other people and always putting other people first. If you put other people first you will be taken care of as well."

"Anytime we think it's about us, it's really not," stated Leslie Sanders, Vice President of the southern division for Alabama Power. "When we get our mindset on how can we affect others, what have we done in the past that we can share with others, and what can we learn from each other while we are here, that's the most important thing so that we can all grow in a positive direction."

Three tips to becoming a stronger leader: model the behavior you want to see, connect with content and people that will help you be a better leader, and choose to inspire people around you.

This was the 15th year for Leadercast. Next year's date is already set for Friday, May 8th.

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