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MetroHealth Hospital announces transformation plans

MetroHealth Hospital (Source: Facebook) MetroHealth Hospital (Source: Facebook)

The face of MetroHealth Medical Center is going to change dramatically over the next several years.  

By 2020 many of the buildings will be demolished and replaced by more functional facilities. That includes the signature twin towers.

The annual meeting of MetroHealth was packed Friday morning, as long anticipated plans were announced.

But there was no scale model, nothing decided behind closed doors.  The idea is to see what patients need and build a facility around them.

"There are so many innovative things happening at MetroHealth," said Akram Boutros, MD, President and CEO of MetroHealth, "and we are excited to engage and activate the community in our plans for the future."

A basic theme is to create a campus like atmosphere that intertwine with the community.

Concepts from other cities and from its own surrounding area are being studied in an effort to envision as they say "What's possible for the MetroHealth system."

"We must move from provider centered care to patient centered care.  From our convenience to your convenience," said Dr. Boutros.

Many of Metro's mechanical systems, and all of the floor plan is outdated.  The building is twice as old as most hospitals and has 200 more beds than necessary.

"It is our fervent goal to accomplish this without asking taxpayers for additional tax dollars," added Dr. Boutros.

By the end of the year funding will be set, next year planning and work beginning in 2016 through 2020.

"They will work hard to procure goods and services, contracts, labor, all that stuff within our economic footprint here in this region," says Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson.

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