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Hackers blamed for racist help wanted ad on Craigslist

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A Jefferson county business says it is the victim of hackers after a racist help-wanted ad was posted on Craigslist. The ad says a business is looking for cooks and cashiers. It says specifically "no cry babies or welfare chasers". The ad also requests "only young personable white people." It was up for four days.

"Wow," said Greg Crocker, one of the people at Railroad Park, who we showed the ad. "I would think it's fake. I think someone did it out of meanness."

Several people at the park said they wouldn't take it seriously because of the content and misspellings.

"You should have known what was on that account and gotten that down immediately. Four days that's too long," said Timara McMillan.

We're not naming the business because it is a fake ad. Its corporate office sent this response to Fox6, that reads in part: "…upon following up with our local franchisee, we learned that their Craigslist account had been hacked. The ad in question was not posted by our franchisee."

"Of course, it would have a significant impact. You have customers who might see this, potential customers," said Kaneshia Sims.

Sims is an image consultant with Southern Pash in Birmingham. She says it has become common for anonymous attacks online. "Overall, the most important thing is to address it. Let people know what's going on. Let them know those aren't your views and values, and be apologetic."

Sims says if this happens to you, get the post removed immediately. The quicker you're aware, the quicker you can recover. "Of course, I would suggest seeking legal counsel, know your rights."

We're unaware if the business got any backlash from this post. It was flagged and removed from Craigslist late Wednesday afternoon.

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