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Synthetic drugs targeting teens with unknown chemicals


The latest street danger now comes in the form of chemical-laced drugs, marketed for teens and wrapped like candy. The fine print of the synthetic marijuana wrapper reads, "Not for human consumption".

Department of Corrections, Assistant Director, Eric Bascomb investigates drugs and speaks to students about the lethal dangers hidden in these playful packages.

"It's sold as a type of marijuana without the high," Bascomb said. "Unfortunately it's sold in retail stores as plant food, herbal incense and it's very bad for the user."

Bascomb admits synthetic drugs have been especially difficult to investigate. Nearly 400 different chemicals are used interchangeably to compound the illegal drugs.

"As soon as we make one step, they change it up," Bascomb stated.

We're told the younger generation's attraction to synthetic marijuana, versus traditional marijuana is the hallucinogenic side effects.

Bascomb says the impact is noticeable.

"Users show signs of irritation, agitation, nervousness and sweating."

Bath salts are also synthetic drugs, not to be confused with synthetic marijuana. It first came on the public's radar following a 2012 case in Miami, where a man was caught biting off parts of another man's face.

As for concerned parents, he encourages them to do their homework, and keep a close eye on their children's behavior.

"The packages are a good indicator, read the label and the fine print," Bascomb said. "Be curious, pick it up, read it and ask questions."

Synthetic drugs are costing teens their lives, carrying a street value ranging from $50-$100.

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