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Call 11 For Action: Home Construction

Brandon Jones investigates with the home owner Brandon Jones investigates with the home owner
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You think you found the perfect home, and in no time things just go wrong. That's what happened to one couple from Woodville.

John and Debbie Kerbel say it's been one problem after another in their home. The Kerbel's three-bedroom home on his family's property was supposed to be their dream home.

"In June we started digging," said John Kerbel.

If you talk to Kerbel now, it's anything but a dream.

"I knew things were not going well the first day because the surveyors did not come. It was him and I that decided to put the stakes in the ground," said Kerbel.

The other person Kerbel is referring to is Ralph Slaske, who owns the construction company based out of Perrysburg used to build Kerbel's home.

Kerbel says he let that issue pass, hoping it was just a single mistake, but it wasn't the only mistake he found.

"They did not read the prints right, where the bean pockets go. They had to come and change those," said Kerbel.

Kerbel then found yet another problem.

"The trusses were crooked. You can tell by some of my pictures. The roofline was off," said Kerbel.

Kerbel had enough. He began calling Slaske Builders to come out and correct the problems. Kerbel says he spoke to a guy named Rob who identified himself as his new project manager. Kerbel says Rob promised him the issues at his home would be repaired by the end of March. That did not happen, and Kerbel says getting someone on the phone is nearly impossible.

"I paid him $267,000. Knowing that he's got all of my money and he will not answer the phone, I think he needs to get my house completed first before he starts another one," said Kerbel.

Kerbel decided to give our Call 11 For Action team a call.

"I just want my house finished," said Kerbel.

WTOL reporter Brandon Jones wanted to hear from the owner what was going on. He stopped by Slaske's office in Perrysburg and a model home nearby. He was told Slaske wasn't available. He then received a phone call that same day from Slaske who says the repairs at Kerbel's home were never brought to his attention.

A few days later a sight Kerbel thought he would never see was Slaske at his house again.

"We had some internal issues and we are out here right now to take care of his issues," said Slaske.

You heard it right: Slaske made a promise to fix all of the issues at Kerbel's home. As for Kerbel getting the run-around, Slaske says that was due to internal issues as well.

"Sometimes people say one thing and do another, but me as the owner, I'm out here to take care of this," said Slaske.

Slaske says the work should be done within two weeks maximum, and then Kerbel's home will be the dream house he always wanted.

"Well I want to say thank you. I have to thank Call 11 For Action and I hope everything works out for us," said Kerbel.

Here are some things you should consider before beginning construction on your home:

• Check your contractor's references and consult the BBB for further information.

• Review any contract the contractor provides; make sure it's clear and complete.

• Consider hiring an attorney to review and explain the contract to you.

If you think you have a problem, give Call 11 For Action a call at 419-255-2255.

The builder, Ralph Slaske, also sent us this statement:

"Our company is comprised of many individuals that support our customers during the building process. It is unfortunate that our service department assigned to handling these customers' requests has failed to meet companies' expectations. This situation has given us the opportunity to improve customer care and develop new processes."

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