On Your Side: More complaints of sick dogs

Kennan Reed and one of his puppies. Source: WBRC video
Kennan Reed and one of his puppies. Source: WBRC video

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Ronda Robinson is following up on a case of a viewer who contacted her after buying some sick puppies. After his story aired, several more viewers came forward with complaints about the Birmingham Animal Rescue Adoption Center.

When Kennan Reed first saw the two little puppies, they found a place in his heart and just stayed there.

"I basically fell in love with what I saw," Reed said.

Reed paid $50 each for the 12-week-old puppies. He says they began scratching and itching as soon as he brought them home so he took them to a doctor the next day.

"Out of pocket I have paid roughly $500 and I just purchased these animals. They've been on and off at the hospital for various reasons. Between mange and parvo left untreated, these dogs could have died. I thank God he did what he did to have him in my care so we can take care of them," Reed said.

Reed signed an adoption contract that gives a five-day grace period to address any complaints or concerns about the animals. Reed says he responded during that time period.

In April, Scott Kirkland, President of the Birmingham Animal Rescue Adoption Center, released a statement saying, "We will take care of part of his bill, but we need copies of the receipts."

Reed brought those receipts to FOX6 News. We offered to pass them along, but after calls to Kirkland and his attorney, we have been unable to schedule a meeting.

According to Leeds Municipal court clerk and Magistrate Laura Roberts, Scott Kirkland currently faces two animal cruelty charges filed in 2013. A groomer at the time, Shawn Fleming also faces two animal cruelty charges and one count of dogs running at large charge.

Court documents say an Officer found "nine mix breed puppies wandering around the middle of Parkway Drive during a busy time of the day. ... The area that the puppies had been in was covered in dog feces and urine. The area was filthy and was covered in fleas and flies. There was no food or water."

In the meantime, several viewers have contacted our newsroom with similar complaints about Kirkland and sick pets.

"My dog 'Baby' had mites when I got her," Robert Watts said.

Nancy Porter sent this message: "I have two Aussie mixes that Scott Kirkland DUMPED in Crestwood."

"A cat I adopted from him that was in horrible condition. He was in Leeds at that time," Suzzanne Orange wrote in an e-mail.

"My son adopted a puppy from him and the day after he got it, it got sick. I had no choice but to take pup to the vet and it tested positive for parvo. Long story short, it died while being treated by vet," said one viewer who asked that we not use their name.

I went to Head to Tail, which is a seperate business owned by Scott Kirkland in hopes of getting some a response to the many complaints. We were told he was not there. An employee stopped us at the sidewalk and would not let us inside.

We did get a statement from Scott Kirkland's attorney, Mark Pratt, who says his client "can not talk because of pending litigation. He denies the claims and is vigorously defending them."

Kirkland is expected in court to face animal cruelty charges on Thursday at 2 p.m. Shawn Fleming has appealed to circuit court.

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