13-year-old killed in ATV accident laid to rest in Walker County

Source: Alan Collins/WBRC
Source: Alan Collins/WBRC
Gracie Abbott. Source: Facebook/WBRC video
Gracie Abbott. Source: Facebook/WBRC video

WALKER COUNTY, AL (WBRC) - Wednesday afternoon, hundreds of people attended the funeral of a 13-year-old girl who died in an ATV accident.

Friends and family lined up out the door of Blooming Grove Baptist Church in Curry to say goodbye to Gracie Abbott.

She was a student at Maddox Middle School and several of her classmates came.

"She loved sports. She played basketball, volleyball, anything," Lindsey Padbry said. "She was always smiling."

"It was very emotional at school. All you see are people crying in the morning. Telling everyone she was in a better place. God has a plan for everyone and reason," Mercedes Dieyria said.

Even those who did not know her or the family well felt compelled to come and pay their respects.

"It's nobody it ain't touched in Walker County and beyond. It's the losing of life of a 13-year-old touches is all. That is the tragedy behind it. She was so young and innocent," Keith Allen Cooper said.

The people we spoke to here at the church they all know Gracie is in heaven. Now they are sending their prayers to family and friends to try to help them through their tragedy.

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