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Andy, Will It Work? Jackery Leaf

But its long charge, portability, design and price won over Ruffer. But its long charge, portability, design and price won over Ruffer.

(WMC-TV) - ANDY, WILL IT WORK? Jackery Leaf External Battery Case = WISE BUY!

This device single-handedly changed how I manage my iPhone 5's power.

The Jackery Leaf -- $60 to $80 -- is a re-chargeable, external battery case that slips right on the iPhone 5 or 5-S to charge your phone while you're on the go.

We charged up two of them:  one for my iPhone 5, the other for the iPhone 5-S of James Ruffer III, a Memphis-based ethical hacker and smart phone expert. Ruffer already uses a Mophie external battery case. It's anywhere from $20 to $40 more expensive than the Jackery Leaf. 

The Jackery Leaf's public relations firm claims the battery case "...has up to 110 hours extra operation time."

Ruffer and I discovered that may be a little bit of an exaggeration.

But on a "green" charge (anywhere from 75 to 100%) -- and over a full weekend of texting, gaming, e-mailing, video-watching and other battery-sapping activity -- the Jackery Leaf maintained a working charge on my iPhone without any assistance for an astonishing 43 hours straight.

"That's amazing," remarked Ruffer, who enjoyed a comparable experience with his Jackery Leaf.

So much so, he decided to dump his more expensive Mophie. He said it does not provide as long a charge, and it does not have the same efficient slip-and-slide design as the Jackery Leaf.

"The ability to slip it on and off relatively quickly and easily, where with the Mophie, I have to literally take it I definitely like this design a whole lot better than the Mophie," he said. "I think you made a switcher out of me."

The Jackery Leaf = WISE BUY!

A few drawbacks with the Jackery Leaf:  it takes anywhere from three to seven hours to charge it before it's ready. Some headphones aren't compatible with it, either.

You also can't use your current case with the Jackery Leaf. You have to use one of the two cases that comes with it. The cases have connectors that enable a flush fit on the battery.

But its long charge, portability, design and price won over Ruffer.

"I'm definitely going to switch to this one," he said.

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