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Two dozen arrested during Orange Crush


More than 20 people were arrested during Tybee Island's Orange Crush party. Officials say one of their biggest problems were drugs and weapons.

Nearly half of the arrests made by Tybee Police were for possession of a controlled substance with the intent to sell it. Investigators also say they confiscated nearly 10 guns.

"You are going to have some knuckle heads in any crowd," said Tybee Mayor Jason Buelterman.

This year's Orange Crush brought the good and the bad. The weather was not the best, but that did not stop hundreds from packing the beach.

"The weather really didn't affect it at all," said Cece, party goer.  

"We had a big crowd out here yesterday," said Mayor Buelterman.  

But, the mayor says they were ready with more than five law enforcement agencies patrolling the island to keep folks safe.

"You know we were able to keep it pretty much under control," said Mayor Buelterman. "There were some problems, but compared to how it has been in the past, I think it was much more tamped in."  

Another major concern this year was trash.

"I never would have known Orange Crush was yesterday, whereas in years past, you could definitely tell when Orange Crush had been," said Matt Moore, Savannah.  

Tybee officials stressed keeping the beach clean by putting out more trashcans. Anyone who littered would be fined.

"We had planned ahead, but also we appreciated that the folks who did come out seemed to pick up after themselves," said Mayor Buelterman.  

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