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Hanover home destroyed, firefighter injured


A fire destroys a Hanover home and lands a firefighter in the hospital with burns. It happened on Studley Plantation Drive. The fire ripped off the roof and took out everything in its path, but something inside the home made fighting the fire even more difficult.

There were 500 rounds of ammo in the house. When crews showed up, Wesley Lubiraz told them he had bullets and shells inside. Which meant firefighters had to wait before they could get to work.

"We could see the smoke miles away from the house," Battalion Chief W.E. Jones said.

Lubiraz stood outside looking at the structure that's just a piece of the home he's lived in for 15 years.

"It was a nice house," he said.

When his sister got the news, she rushed to be by his side.

"I expected to see a roof. I didn't expect the roof to be completely gone and burned away," Jody Rowland said.

The call came in just before 2:00 Friday afternoon. But before crews could fight the flames, they had to wait on the 500 rounds and some shotgun shells to discharge inside the home.

"The ammunition that was in the house started exploding. That lasted for 10 to 15 minutes so we had to exit the home for our safety," Jones said.

When crews were able to get in, one firefighter was injured.

"He was burned don his neck. He had a cinder fall down on the back of his neck. He was taken to VCU in the burn ward. He will be off from work for a while but he'll be fine," Jones added.

After a couple of hours, it was all under control. Nothing is salvageable - no furniture, no appliances, just a few pieces of clothing that happened to be in the washer and dryer.

Lubiraz built the house where he lives with his 13 year old son. Even though he has no insurance, he's hoping somehow, he'll be able to re-build it. Now the entire family is just trying to keep their spirits high.

"Pray for God's help," Rowland said.

"You can replace a home but you can't replace a life," Jones added.

Lubiraz said he was cooking and stepped outside for a moment when he suddenly noticed his home on fire. Right now the official cause is under investigation. He will stay with relatives for now.

"Life goes on," he said.

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