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Warning To AJ & Katherine: Reality Bites

FOX6 Sports Director Rick Karle FOX6 Sports Director Rick Karle

The following is a commentary blog from FOX6 Sports Director Rick Karle:
It certainly doesn't get any more exciting for the state of Alabama's royal couple.  Oh, I'm not placing former Bama quarterback AJ McCarron and his fiancé Katherine "Splash" Webb on the same level as John & Jackie or William & Kate, but in our state this young, attractive pair have become household names. That is why I'm a bit concerned about the possibility of AJ & K-Webb soon to star in a reality show that will center around their engagement and their wedding.
You see, in my mind, reality shows are a lot like catfish. They are bottom feeders on the TV food chain that get no respect and are often thrown back. And the names you know from reality shows? Flavor Flav and the Kardashians. Reality TV has become a spectacle of humility on the road to fifteen minutes of fame. And the thing about it is, AJ & Katherine are in the midst of much more than fifteen minutes - why risk doing something regretful on a reality show that could turn either into a punch line like Jessica Simpson (Chicken Of The Sea).
So why then, would McCarron & Webb be interested in such a venture? The former quarterback hinted the other day that this deal may not be of his doing, tweeting, "I play football, that's it. What my future wife does is her business #worry about you." Take if from a guy who has been married for 30 years this June. What a wife does is the business of both spouses, as McCarron's life can and will be affected by roaming cameras and a final cut editor who may wind up putting more than a few embarrassing exchanges in the show simply to drive ratings.  Trust me - once McCarron is married, he will be doing more than just "playing football".
Just how dangerous is reality TV? It has turned many fine athletes into Hall Of Shamers rather than Hall Of Famers:  Bruce Jenner, Ryan Lochte and Danny Bonaduce.  It has turned many beautiful women into a Joan Rivers joke:  Kim Kardashian, Heidi Montag and Lindsay Lohan.
Can it work? Perhaps it will, as the show may remind you of the old Joe Theisman injury: You tell yourself you can't watch, but your eyes turn toward the TV screen regardless.  Still, even with a catchy show title ("Jersey Bore" as the show opens on Mobile Bay with Webb wearing AJ's game jersey), there is always a chance that two bright, young, smart people will wind up the next Brad Womack or Kate Gosselin. And the worst scenario if ratings sag?  Show producers giving the happy couple new "stage" names, like "The Situation".
Let's hope that McCarron and Webb have a memorable summer and their situation results in celebration rather than cancellation. My hunch? Once infatuation leads to affirmation, the couple's cooperation will lead to wedding reservations. But if AJ & Katherine get too deep into reality TV, castigation could follow an explanation after the program faces termination.
Thanks for your cooperation. I hope AJ & Katherine have a happy unionization. I wish the couple the best, but if this reality show deal goes through, and AJ is given the name "The Manager" while Katherine is called "Snooki", I'm out.

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