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RPD officer doubles as paramedic on triple shooting scene, saves a life


A Richmond Police officer was forced to double as a paramedic on a triple shooting scene. It was too dangerous to bring an ambulance into the area along the 2000 block of Dinwiddie Avenue. 

"Call to duty," said Officer Todd Hall. "You go to work."

Police say Officer Todd Hall's actions prevented that deadly triple shooting from becoming a double homicide this week.

The former Navy combat medic conducted a trauma assessment, dressed the leg wound, and instantly created a makeshift ER.

"I'm trained to do it," said Hall. "So I might as well put the tools to use."

Officer Hall feels he was in the right place at the right time. He was serving a warrant in the area, when he heard the call of shots fired off Dinwiddie Avenue. Hall and his partner rushed to the scene.

"Not even my precinct," said Hall. "Just happened to be in the area when the call came out."

Hall says the scene was too dangerous to allow an ambulance to enter, and so he took life-saving action. According to VCU Medical Center staff, this injury would have been fatal had it not been for his actions that night. 

"A lot of times in Hollywood a person gets shot in the leg and they can still do things," said Lt. Darrell Goins. "But in real life, if you hit that main artery you can bleed out."

Officer Hall says he keeps medical equipment with him at all times. Lt. Goins says Hall routinely goes beyond the call of the duty.

"It's like giving Michael Jordan the ball with 3 seconds left," said Goins. "You know what's going to happen, and that's the same thing with Officer Hall. I know that he'll do exactly what he did."

Indeed, despite the tense nature of the scene, Officer Hall considers his life-saving actions part of a good days work.

"I'd like to think that any officer would do the same thing in the same situation," said Hall. "But on a personal note, I just hope that guy, whatever his situation is, that he just looks at it as a second chance."

Officer Hall says he just completed a medic refresher course in the last two weeks. 

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