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Anonymous notes of kindness found in Trussville

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Amy Elmore and her family were leaving church on a Sunday night and she found something on the window of her car that caught her eye.

"When we came out there was a note on the window and it said ‘Jesus loves you,'" explained Elmore. She says it was unexpected but not impossible; after all, she was leaving church. When she got home, she found something else that added to the mystery.

"There was one very similar to it and it was on our mailbox. So we had two on the same night."

Now Elmore really wondered who was behind the anonymous notes.

"We assumed they were friends who happened to be in the exact same places and then we started hearing about it being everywhere else."

First Baptist Church Pastor Lance Pate says folks in three different neighborhoods found similar notes on their mailboxes.

"I have no idea and we've asked some questions about it, but, no idea," added Pate.

The messages seem harmless.

"'Jesus loves you. I hope you have a great day. Smile.' Simple comments."

As long as the sticky notes keep spreading cheer, Elmore and Pastor Pate don't mind if the person responsible remains a secret.

"I just hope that things like this continue. Sometimes it's hard to work up finding joy and finding hope in today's society," added Pate.

"There are some other things we need to be thinking about with all the craziness of spring and ball and homework and work and life. So it kind of forces you to slow down a little bit," added Elmore.

The notes were found in at least three different Trussville neighborhoods and outside of First Baptist Church in Trussville.

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