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One-on-one: WSFA's Melissa Johnson sits down with Sen. Jeff Sessions


U.S. Sen. Jeff Sessions is currently seeking a fourth term in Congress, and he faces no opponent in this year's election

Sessions was talking politics in his home state Wednesday, speaking to business leaders and elected officials at the Montgomery Chamber of Commerce's Eggs and Issues breakfast at the RSA Activity Center.

During a question and answer segment at the close of the breakfast, he fielded a question from the audience, with a man who pleaded for him to make a run for President.  Sessions seemed caught off guard saying, "I'm flabbergasted that would even come up.  Unlike others [in Washington], I know, I KNOW I'm not qualified to run for President." 

His response drew applause and laughter from those in attendance.

Sessions sat down with WSFA's Melissa Johnson in the East Delano Avenue studios Wednesday during his visit in Montgomery.  He talked about a number of issues facing lawmakers in Washington, including the budget, Immigration, and the situation in Ukraine.

As the ranking member of the Senate Budget Committee, we see his face quite often speaking on the Senate floor and at budget hearings, showing strong feelings about the nation's debt and fiscal crisis.

"We need to balance the budget," he said.  "The Federal Government can produce the same kind of benefits with less money.  There is no doubt about it."

Another issue he feels strongly about-- Immigration.  It's something he says is tied directly to jobs.

"Americans are already unemployed at high numbers.  Wages are actually declining.  One of the reasons is that experts tell us we have an oversupply of labor and not enough jobs.  So, it just makes sense that we would slow down, begin to assimilate the people who have come to this country lawfully, and then make a plan for the future," Sessions said.

When it comes to what's happening in Ukraine, a story that is gripping National and International headlines, Sessions says he is disappointed in the President's actions.  He believes it shows a weakness in our policy.

"We need to take some action that Russia knows is serious.  Not some token reaction like is being talked about right now.  They need to know that if they go further, the situation will even be worse," added Sessions.

After a few more stops in Alabama, including a trip to his hometown of Mobile, Sessions says he'll head back to Washington this weekend.  Sessions is currently in his 17th year in Congress.

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