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Search for Gayle McCaffrey enters 2nd year with new leads, more questions


Two years later and no answers to what happened to missing West Ashley woman Gayle McCaffrey.

Major Eric Watson, spokesperson with the Charleston County Sheriff's Office says they haven't given up and are now following new leads. Watson says he cannot give much information because he doesn't want to jeopardize the case.

White flowers were placed front and center in the sanctuary of the First Baptist Church.

"To remember a wonderful sister, mother and friend," said Pastor Marshall Blalock.

Blalock says Sunday's program was dedicated to the missing mother.

"The hearts of everyone at First Baptist is so drawn to this family because of the unresolved nature of this case two years later," said Blalock.

Blalock says pews were filled with friends and family of Gayle McCaffrey.

"We're still waiting to hear what the outcome is. For her to go missing just didn't make any sense to anyone," said Blalock.

St. Patrick's Day marks exactly two years since McCaffrey was last seen in her West Ashley home.

Blalock said, "We know Gayle, we know she would've never on her own accord left her home and family. So something bad happened we don't know what it is obviously but we know something bad happened."

A spokesperson with the Charleston County Sheriff's Office says there is still a lot going on with the investigation.

"I do encourage those who are working to solve the case to not give up and to keep working at it and to know that we're behind them as much as we can," said Blalock.

Blalock is comforted in knowing McCaffrey is a religious woman. She's been part of the church most of her life, playing hand bells and singing in the choir.

Blalock said, "If she's no longer with us then she's with the Lord himself. We know that if that's the case, she's in a much better place than any of us here on this earth."

The sheriff's office says McCaffrey's husband, bob is still the prime suspect in her disappearance. There has not been enough evidence to arrest him.

According to the sheriff's office there are no additional searches planned for Gayle McCaffrey.

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